PL Week 3 is done!

Well, hi there!!

After a crazy, busy week and especially weekend (4 birthday parties, 3 days, 1 x 3 year old, 1 x 5 month old and 1 husband away at work!!) I managed to complete week 3 of my PL. I am super happy that so far I have stayed up to date especially considering how busy this time of year is for my family!!

I have included not 1 but 2 inserts this week – my oldest son had a birthday and we managed a couple of extra shots that just HAD to printed at 4×6 to be included!

First up is the double page spread


I just want to say that I had to include the one of Master Hunter with his worm as Master Jacob has been trying for weeks to get him to play with it and that day he actually grabbed hold of it and was not only playing with it but giving it big cuddles – my boys are so cute!!


This is pretty straight forward but I just wanted to point out that my beautiful niece (who turned 14 yesterday) was totally conned by Jacob to read to him – he absolutely adores her (and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual!)

The front of my 1st insert. 4×6 and this photo was just snapped I think by chance by our wonderful friend Alicia on Jacob’s birthday. We had all gone to our local Macca’s for a special treat for Jacob and after dinner and play we were sitting there quietly and this was captured =)

Back of 4×6 insert. The journalling around the photo says “Jacob’s last present from us. We waited till Alan was home and Jacob had a HUGE grin on his face when I wheeled it out!”
This next insert is a Bazzill Lickety Slippers insert that is 12 6×4’s with a fold. 

Up first is the day before his birthday, “helping” with the cake and the morning of his birthday.
This is the insert opened up including the party invitation and also the lolly bag name tag (which I haven’t yet worked out how to mount etc so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!). The cake and present fun on the day of his party.

And last up is the back of the folding insert. We had a trip to a local park in the afternoon of Jacob’s party (top), his 1st ride on his new bike and lastly a not too bad family photo taken on the day of Jacob’s birthday party.

As always, thanks for stopping in (and this time for reading all my rambling’s!!) and feel free to leave me some love =)

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