PL Week 5 (and the last of week 4!)

Hi again lovely readers 🙂

Today I am blogging my PL week 5 which I also managed to complete in the past few days.

So without further ado, here are my pages:

Here is the LHS:

And here is a close up of a journal card I threw together for some news that I wanted to record but not have staring everyone in the face. I would like to thank all of the girls over on the PLA FB page and also a very helpful friend of mine, Michelle Hunter, that helped me out with the ideas for this card – I’m really very happy with the way it came together.
Here is the RHS:

I just wanted to point out that down the bottom right I used a template very kindly provided by the lovely Petra over at her blog. I have changed it to fit only 2 photo’s but in my week 4 I have used it with the 3 photo’s =)

Being that it was the end of the month I have a 6×12 insert included for my FMS Photo a Day January Challenge (you can join in March’s Photo A Day by popping over here for all the details).
So here is the front of my insert:

And the back

And last but not least (for week 5) here is my double page spread together. I’m pretty happy with the way it has all come together – I’m still pretty new at this Project Life thing but am LOVING it!!

I actually forgot to include Week 4’s full spread so just thought I’d pop it in on this post so here you go:

Thanks again for stopping by and will be back hopefully tomorrow with Week 6 =)

2 replies on “PL Week 5 (and the last of week 4!)”

Your pages look really great Melinda. Love the big 6×12 insert of your photo a day. You did a great job with my little template too. Love seeing these out in the wild!


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