We have a winner!!

Well first up I would just like to say a huge thank you to all that participated and left me some love!! I loved reading all of your answers and thank you for all of your very kind words about my little card!!

Onto the good stuff!

I had a total of 9 comments that went into the draw – you were all assigned a number in order of your posts and I used to pick a winner….

Lucky #1 was Granmargaret with this comment:

Lovely cute card Melinda. Unfortunately I don’t have an Easter indulgence. I can’t eat chocolate as I am allergic to it. But we had an Easter egg hunt for my 4 grand daughters and had a good time looking for them and then eating them.

Congratulations Granmargaret and I think it’s a little apt that someone who can’t eat chocolate at Easter get themselves a little prize!!

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