Heidi and Kim and my December Daily cover

Hello there blog-land!! Has been a wee while since I have shared anything and that is mostly that life has been happening!! I have been slowly plugging away at my Project Life and am very happy to say that I’m up date printing photos but just need finish off the last 2 week’s lay outs so not behind!!

I was also lucky enough to head to one of Heidi Swapp’s classes during her “Make Pretty Stuff Down Under Tour” and to say it was amazing is a total understatement!!

The kits were bursting with goodies and Heidi and Kim were such awesome teachers and so generous with their time around the room!! They both shared some pretty personal stories (and made me cry!!) but I have walked away with a message that I think they would both be happy to know – No 1 – This “craft” “me time” thing that I do, is special. I hope that one day my children will look back and want to know more stories and be interested and go “Mum, I seriously cannot believe you put that photo of me (naked!!) on a scrapbook page!!” But most importantly for me I walked away thinking about my life. What I have. What I don’t have. What I want. And what matters. What matters is this: Being Happy. And having a happy and loving environment for my babies EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! So focusing on the positive (some stuff happening here in my own life at the moment), and for the 1st time in my life keeping a gratitude journal – I have always been grateful just never written it down. So, a massive thank you to both Heidi and Kim for all that they shared and taught us. 

Onto the fun part of this post – I had been hanging out for Make Pretty Stuff day cause I decided that I wanted to use Heidi’s Believe Mini Album for my December Daily. I have taken a bunch of the stuff Kim taught us and pre-made the “bits” for me to add as I go through the month but last night I finally got around to creating my cover.

I used my trusty Cameo with my own handwriting, some of the gorgeous products (and I cannot entirely express just how much I adore this collection!!) from the Believe Collection and some bits and pieces of my stash.

Here is the cover in its entirety:

And a close up

I also MUST share here my photo of Heidi and myself (I have a bit of a girl crush I think – this woman is seriously A-MAZING!!) that is making it into our PL for week 46 🙂 I have yet to properly edit the rest so will no doubt share more soon!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and today especially, for reading my big long winded post!!

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