And the flairs go to…..


Thank you for all of the comments left on the give away post!! I loved reading every single one of them. 

Without further ado however the winner that I have chosen is

Wildfairy with this comment

My most memorable christmas is from a couple of years ago when out of sillyness i sat on my, then boyfriend now husband’s, knee and he pretend to be santa and asked me what i wanted for christmas. I said a baby, only to find out 3 weeks later that we were pregnant with our beautiful baby girl.

This story rang a little close to home for me with us desperately wanting to be pregnant with our 2nd baby at Christmas 2011. A pregnancy test on Christmas Eve came up negative but testing again on 30th December brought us a whole new gift which was by far the best gift we received that year!!

Congratulations Wildfairy, can you please contact me ASAP via email You have 24 hours to get me your address so I can get these gorgeous flair on their way to you!

To the rest of you that stopped by, thank you again for taking the time to stop in and also to my newest followers, THANK YOU!!

I hope to update fairly regularly over December (time permitting of course!!) and wish those of you participating an amazing December Daily journey! For those of you not participating enjoy the lead up to this crazy fun happy time of year!!


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