2nd December

And boom!! just like that, another day down!

I am currently sitting at my almost completely clean and tidy desk typing this at the end of our day 2 here in Perth, Western Australia 🙂

Pretty simple and quick today. Not a great deal happening around here but I did get around to a couple of house work type things which lead me to my story for today. One of my housework type things today was changing all the sheets on our beds. Enter personalised Christmas pillowcases for my little guys…. which lead to me remembering to photograph the boys Christmas placemats – while they were still clean after breakfast 😉

So, 1 page, 3 photo’s and and some journalling and pretty pieces on a handmade card from the kit from The Stamp Spot.

And there you have it!!

I love when these stories just come to me – part of the reason I didn’t do HEAPS of foundation pages!!

Hope your journey is coming together and happy December 2nd!!


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