3rd December and some news

Hello there and welcome to my day 3!

I will be completely honest here and say I did not have the best day in the world!! Every Wednesday (until next week) my littlest guy spends the day at daycare. This means that every 2nd Wednesday my biggest little guy and I get to spend a day together, just him and me. I love (for the most part!!) these days we get together because, let’s face it, they don’t stay little near long enough.

We are nearly at the end of our very 1st school year with him – 5 days a fortnight and I think he is feeling it – big time!! He is tired, irritable and cranky. He doesn’t mind showing this in the form of “a nearly 5 year old tantrum”. Fun times for all!!

We have had a few lovely moments together today which I am grateful for, eternally, as today is our very last date day. Which I am sad about, that means he off to school full time next year. FULL TIME!! Holy smokes Batman, how did THAT happen?! 

Anyways, not a great day. We headed to our local Spotlight for some gold embossing powder – that was it, 1 thing. I left with 5!! 2 are for gifts, the embossing powder and the most gorgeous little owl that was a complete spur of the moment purchase. I left home with $20.00 in my pocket. The total was $22.15. Poo!! Oh well, the owl goes back. My big guy got upset so I explained why. A very nice stranger overheard our conversation and ran over to give me $2.00 – so very kind and thoughtful but at the time no one did the maths and didn’t realise we were 15 stupid cents short!! Out to the car where I hunted and came up with 5c! Darn! Oh well, impulse buy, not meant to be. Head back in to tell the girl behind the counter, nope, not gonna happen, still 10c!! As we headed back to the car again another very kind woman stopped and handed over the 10c. So sweet!

The best part about this? For me, was knowing that my big guy watched this scenario. Saw the real meaning of giving. The generosity of a random act of kindness. And the 2nd lady, well her little lady was with her so she too got to see the same thing. Yes, it was only $2.15. It was only an impulse purchase but the thought behind the giving of that small amount of cash is immeasurable!!

Ok, so enough chattering away. 

Here is our Day 3 spread. 

I just added an Ali Edwards “love” stamp to the top left before I printed 🙂

You may remember that Day 3 was prepped for our cards for 2014 from my foundation pages post? Well, our cards are not ready yet, not even finished! So they can happen another day. This story was made for today!!

Here is a close up of the card – most of the supplies were from The Stamp Spot kits. The red heart was the Freckled Fawn kit and the “holiday cheer” stamp was an American Crafts roller date stamp.

And just cause I love it here is a shot of just that gorgeous owl!

Now, if you have made it this far through this post I congratulate you!! Haha!!

My news,

I have been asked by Jen over at Dusty Attic if I would like to join her DT for 2015!! Head over here and you can see my intro post. I am so, so, so excited to be joining this amazing group of crafters and to be honest, a little intimidated, you should head over to their blog and take a look at the stunning work over there!! I received my DT box of goodies yesterday and WOW!! Ideas swirling through my head already!

Well, hopefully I can keep up this December thing and I shall see you all tomorrow!! I hope you too are enjoying your December journey!!


5 replies on “3rd December and some news”

What a lovely anecdote & just goes to show that peeps are still 'giving' in the world we are in today:) And that little owl, is super sweet – well worth it! FABULOUS that you're on the team. Intimidated, eh? JOIN THE LINE…I'm that head with the pony tail you can see up front of you!!!! Should be FUN though, eh???!!!!!Good luck with keeping this up!!! I know I couldn't:)


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