10th & 11th December

So, I think I am officially “behind” but I am totally ok with that. I have been sick yesterday and today and I think it’s something out there telling me to slow down a bit and take it easy, which is precisely what I have done both days!!

Day 10

This was a very hard one for me to document. If you remember my post from Day 9 I was not feeling it for the best part of the day to the very sad discovery of little Sam in a lake 😦

I decided that since his story took up such a big part of my day – emotionally more than anything – it should be somewhat included. I haven’t made a big song and dance about it, just a few personal thoughts written down and tucked in on the tag in the background. May his little soul rest in peace and may his family and friends someday find peace.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands my big boy after school pick up and to tell him I loved him! I wanted to do something fun and something to make us both happy – make him happy really because when he smiles, all MUST be good in the world.

When we got home we made both his teacher and class mates gifts which he had so much fun putting together. And it’s not a huge achievement for all but my big boy counted out all 8 of the maltesers in every single bag!! So proud!

We also put together some cookies in a jar recipes for his 2 teachers for this year. Also, lots of fun, he totally loved seeing all the layers stacking up!!

I have used the gold glitter numbers throughout my album on Christmas type days but realised that I didn’t have enough zero’s to make 10. I wanted to keep the font the same throughout the album so I have grabbed a couple of the spare teal numbers I have here and embossed them!! I did each number 3 times and am super happy with how they turned out!! Thank you again Michelle for the recommendation of the Zing embossing powder – LOVE IT!!Β 

I used some of the Tinsel & Co letters for the title and also the “&” that Michelle cut and was in my kit of goodies. I also added a sub-title using the gold pen from the kit and my own handwriting πŸ™‚

I printed all the printables at home. The “reindeer noses” tag is from here and printed on regular A4 paper. The tags for the jars are from here and printed on matte photo paper. I got Jacob to write his name on the back of the tags πŸ™‚ And the labels and recipe (which I will admit I did alter to include the m&m’s) were found here and printed on some sticker paper that hubby brought home quiet some time ago. I might also add, I chose this recipe because it was all in metric measurements!! I didn’t have to change a single thing – totally winning!!Β 

That’s it for our Day 10!

Day 11 – not a fun day at all!! I spent at least half of the night of the 10th/11th between bed and our bathroom 😦 I am still not 100% but managed to eat tonight without regretting it so it’s an improvement! And hey, I managed to do some crafting – again, totally winning!!

Since I had spent the night in not a great way after I managed to get us to school for drop off and home again, the TV was on and my and my littlest guy snuggled and watched Frozen. He played some. He was so awesome for me! We watched another movie. He napped and I put on Forrest Gump – LOVE that movie and I can’t remember the last time I saw it so thoroughly enjoyed it in my half asleep state! School pick up and again, managed to make it to school and home again to meet the couch. Another movie. And my big guy randomly coming over to check on me – what a sweetheart!! I am truly blessed with these gorgeous boys of mine πŸ™‚ When hubby got home he took over. Did all the afternoon things, dinner, bath, bed time. What a gem!

So, a pretty simple page! A 6×4 journalled card with a little embellishing and a 6×4 collage photo with some stickers!!

I did handstitch that teal border, I HAD to do something other than lay on the couch – it was driving me CRAZY!!Β 

1/4 of a gold doily, some washi, a star that I had cut from some balsa and some numbers that were glossy accented – thanks Beth – love these!!

And that is day 11.Β 

Here are days 10 and 11 in our album

I hope you have all had a much better couple of days than I did!! But I have managed to find the silver lining through it all. You know the old saying, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, well yes, I’m a crier and I try not to be!!

Happy 12th December to those of that that applies to and to those of you winding down your 12th December (like me πŸ˜‰ ) sleep well πŸ™‚


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I really LOVE how you're keeping this 'real' – warts and all:) And also the embossing worked BRILL [I'm a fan of Zing!' too:)] AND I hope by now you are feeling MUCH better & good on you, for keeping this up as well as you are…..go you!!!


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