Sorry I have been MIA!

Hi there lovely followers!!

As I’m sure any of you who are following along have noticed I have well and truly been MIA! 

My grandfather (or Pop as he will be always be) passed away last week. It has been a very hard and very LONG week for me. He was the closest thing I ever had to a father figure in my life, always just there and now he is not. And I have been very fortunate in that I have not lost anyone that I loved like I love Pop. So, rough week. Priorities changed, shifted and stopped at times. 

I have gotten as far as completing up to day 16 in entirety and have shared up to day 13. Day 14 is all about cousins re-united, 15 wrapping supplies; thank you so much Ali for sharing yours, LOVED it and have totally done the same, 16 I focused on a very dear friendship to me and a photograph of my Pop (he passed on this day) that I have printed at 5″x7″ and mounted on chipboard, no words are written, simply dont know where to start. I will share hopefully before the New Year but no promises. 

I have printed days 17 – Christmas cards POSTED, 18 – my big boys last day at Kindy, 19 – a very peaceful 10 minutes to myself at the Perth Zoo, 20 – some Christmas lights and possibly a fun catch up with friends, not sure what words I will write as yet, 21 – a relaxing couple of hours at the beach with my family and a friend and her hubby and 22 – a family “tradition” of sorts – Cally the Calendar Bear – which sadly, seems to have stopped working. It is now 9:20pm on the 24th so really, some embellishing and some words and I will be caught up.

I just wanted to drop in and share that though I have been absent I have somewhat stayed on top. It’s been a long, hard, sad week but now my Pop is at rest and I can start to grieve for him.

Thank you so much for following along on our December journey. I am going to share the photo of my Pop that is in our album, well, just because I can. The photo was taken on my Wedding Day and he looks happy.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with those you love and look forward to catching up and sharing our DD with you.


One reply on “Sorry I have been MIA!”

So sorry to hear about your Pop – it's a hard thing to have to cope with at any time, let alone close to Christmas, & you being so close to him…….I hope you managed OK today & I'm sure he will always be with you in spirit…..take care & blessings xo


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