14th to 19th December

As promised I am here to share some of our DD!! Still a bit behind but I am totally and 100% ok with that!!

I shall warn you now, lots of photos this post so enjoy 🙂

First up I just want to share with you where I am typing this post from. We are in the very beautiful Margaret River – approx 4 hours from sunny Perth. It is our last full day here and it has been just what the 4 of us needed!! Relaxing, fun and together!

Here is a little peek at where I am currently sitting 🙂

It is beautiful and peaceful here.

I hope wherever you are enjoying the 1st day of Twenty-15 is a happy place 🙂

Ok, so 1st up Day 14

My rather cute big boy with my rather cute nephew 🙂 We were all so excited that he and his family made the trip “home” to Australia for Christmas!! These 2 though, priceless!!

A little close up of the detail. A balso wood star die cut (left overs from earlier cards), a tag from the kit and the numbers also from the kit, again, glossy accented 🙂

Day 15 was a LONG day!! We found out that Pop wasn’t do so great so I totally used Ali Edwards’ idea for her wrapping paper and documented something for the season

And a close up 🙂 All the bits are from TSS kits 😉

Days 14 and 15 as they are in our album

Day 16 as it currently sits in our album. I got the phone call reasonably early to tell me Pop had passed. After much, much consideration and thought I decided that I wasn’t going to write specifically about that, way too early but wanted to focus instead on this girl. This is Ellen. She is a new friend of mine and has been an amazing support to me this year. well, technically, last year, 2014. I met her through weight watchers and she has not only been an amazing support and friend to me but a total inspiration too. She was with me when I got the call and she put her arms around me and hugged me. 

This day card was initially intended for us to visit some lights that are fairly local to us – the numbers were originally gold but I changed those out. Needless to say, we didn’t visit any lights this night.

Love, love, love these thickers!! I think I will do some messy machine stitching to finish off this card when I get home.

Immediately to the right of this page is the photo I printed at 5×7 of my Pop. I chopped down some chipboard to size and painted the back white and stuck the photo on the front. Punched some holes and that is done for now. I have decided while editing these photos and doing this blog post that I will add in a label with his dates and call it done for now.

And day 16 and Pop as they sit in my album.

Yay!! Our cards were finally completed and posted!! WAY late for me but DONE!!

And a close up 🙂 All the goodies again from TSS kits 🙂

Day 18 was my big boys very last day at Kindy!! I seriously cannot believe that his 1st year at big boy school is done and dusted!! 
Pixie helped out with his lunch and he LOVED it!

So, you probably noticed that there is not yet a day number here. I have a 1 and an 8 in the teal all glossy accented and ready to stick but I left a stamp at home that I wanted to use on that label. It is a stamp I had custom made and it is the hashtag I used for his year at school – #JWSKINDY2014. So I will stamp that when I get home and use pop dots to attach the label on top of the star and find the perfect placement for our day number – currently thinking a tiny bit under the top right point of the star and above the gold circle.

And a couple of snapshots from the day 🙂

And the 2 pages in the album.

Last up today, day 19

A trip into the Perth Zoo with hubby’s family. On the hottest summer day we have had so far this year!! But it was fun!!

Mostly supplies from TSS kit but I also added in a chipboard piece from the FF kit and a gold heart I die cut with the left overs from my Santa and Believe words I cut on my cameo.

That is it for me today!! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed seeing our album so far!!

Happy New Year and may 2015 bring everything you wish for!!


One reply on “14th to 19th December”

What a lovely spot to be blogging from! Your album is magnificent… all the details & good on you getting the cards done. If folks are like me, I don't mind them being late – it is great to hear from peeps & to read & look at their cards!!! All the best for 2015:):)


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