I’ve lost my mojo!!

Hi there lovely followers!

As the title of this post suggests I have lost my mojo! I am hoping to find it again by way of a little give away!!

As lots of you are aware I have a passion for colouring and my medium of choice so far has been copics. I have completed a couple of classes over at Kit and Clowder (if you haven’t yet checked them out and want to learn how to colour I cannot recommend Alyce’s classes highly enough!!) and after I completed my clothing class I coloured up one of the very 1st stamps I coloured again and here is the finished image!

This gorgeous stamp is created by Sylvia Zet for Wee stamps and if you want a rubber stamp you can find her here.

And just for comparison here is my before photo taken in late 2012 next to my current 🙂

I am so excited in the difference and so proud of myself! 

So, head on over to my FB page To The Stars and Back, find the pinned post and follow the instructions – I want to know what you’d like to see her made into – and I will pick a random winner next Tuesday 03.11.2015 and announce on my FB page!

Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck if you decide to enter!


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