December Day 11

Yay!! I made it in time!! Haha!

Tonight I am sharing our day 11 with you 🙂 Not a big story at all but just something a little special for this crazy season.
This time of the year is EXHAUSTING!! My big guy is winding up school and so very tired, which in turn wears me down, and so on and so forth with hubby and my little guy 🙂 We were all shattered last night so a lazy take away dinner and a Christmas movie 🙂 Well, sort of 😉 The Nightmare Before Christmas – hubby and I love it but the little guys seemed less than smitten 😉

A very simple page today with a 6×4 photo with the day number attached, a 3×4 journalling card and a pretty, yet simple 3×4 filler card.

That’s it for me for today 🙂 I will hopefully be back again tomorrow with today’s adventure which was a fun day out at a theme park for us!!

Happy December!!



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