December Daily 2017 ~ Get It Done! YT Series Day Twelve ~ Day 24

And here we are back at Monday once again!!

Day 12 in my series and today I am working on our Christmas Eve stories – 4 to be precise! Oh, and an extra for Day 21 😉

Today you may want a coffee & cupcake but here is the video, sit back and enjoy!

And the pages

And of course, all the pages/stories in the album!

These next 2 photo’s have all the little doors from my boys’ advent calendar popped into one of the 2×2 pocket pages. Very simple, just the doors with the picture of each built gift going from left (number 1) to right (number 3) and top to bottom (number 12) with the exact same thing on the back side. While I was photographing I was thinking that perhaps it could be a bit fun to use one of the big tags to a little journalling documenting our advent calendars for the year so that may pop up in tomorrow’s video, or perhaps even some time later 😉

Christmas Day tomorrow and when that’s done I know I’m on the home stretch, phew!! On target for the end of the month, #winning!!

Until tomorrow
happy scrapping!!



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