A bit of a “catch up”…

Hey and hello my scrappy friends!! A big welcome to my blog today for this really quick share!

It seems I have been very quiet which in a way is 100% correct; however; behind the scenes life has been go, go, go!! Which, if I’m telling the truth is really nothing new or unusual for me but what that means is that I often either fall behind on sharing OR don’t really get time to scrap!

What I am sharing today is a couple of non-process videos. The first I shared was my June layout share which you can see in the video below!

And then the other video I have for you is my unboxing of my April and May Elle’s Studio kits. With a bit of an update around what is happening with them!

So, a super quick share for you today but never fear! I have more on the way! I have process videos, Unboxing videos and also layout/project shares for you which I PROMISE, I am slowly working through…..

Do let me know though, leave me a comment, WHAT would you like to see FIRST???

I hope you are managing to sneak in some crafty time in the madness that is now. Whatever your “now” currently looks like.

Until next time, happy scrapping!!

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